JSA, 1980s JLA & Red-Trunked SUPERMAN, More Return in DC's REBIRTH

DC Rebirth catalog art
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics successfully delayed the online release of their June 2016 solicitations one week until after their Rebirth event in WonderCon last month, but keeping the lid on the release of their one-time standalone Diamond DC Comics Previews catalog dedicated to Rebirth has proved more difficult.

Scheduled to be on comic book stores shelves Wednesday, copies of the catalog began arriving in retailers stores over the last 24 hours, and as expected, the new information and images from the catalog have started to appear online. 

Rebirth, the publisher's summer event that kicks off in late May, will in part return characters and concepts from the pre-"New 52" and pre-Crisis universes to DC continuity.

Apparently highlighting this is the back cover of the catalog. The image has two hourglasses: one featuring characters from a pre-"New 52" version of the Justice Society of America and the other including characters from an '80s-style Justice League of America, complete with a red-trunked Superman.

As DC fans know, the return of characters from other iterations of the DC Universe is not exactly a new development, since Convergence opened the door to an infinite number of universes, including one that resembles the pre-"New 52" DCU. The conclusion of Convergence basically undid the Crisis on Infinite Earths mini-series, returning the possibility of infinite Earths to the DCU.

The catalog also includes an interview with Johns in which the writer names the four chapters of DC Universe: Rebirth

"The themes of [DC Universe: Rebirth] divide into four chapters," Johns explains. "The first one is about loss. It focuses on what perhaps has gone missing in our comic books, when it comes to the DC Universe. And historically what the DC Universe really is.

"The second chapter is about legacy. That's the main thing I feel has been lost from the DC Universe from the New 52 reboot. We're showing a kind of secret side of the DC Universe, where legacy comes  into  play again.

"The next chapter is love, and it's all about the love that's in the DC Universe...and that which has disappeared from the DC Universe.

"The fourth chapter is titled 'Life,' which is about both the end and beginning of life." 

The catalog also cites "Five moments and mysteries you won't want to miss in DC Universe: Rebirth #1."

The are:

LINE OF FIRE - "There will be the mysterious death of a character."

HEROES RETURN - "You'll see three characters reintroduced to the DC Universe...with the promise of more."

REVELATIONS - "A secret that dives into the very nature of why the DC Universe is the way it is."

THE DARK KNIGHT - "Batman will become focused on a mystery that will change every­ thing he knows about his greatest villain."

MULTIVERSAL MAYHEM - "A secret is exposed about the nature of the DC Universe, and why it lost what it lost-and will introduce the greatest threat it has ever faced.:

The DC Comics Previews catalog is on sale April 12, however copies will be limited as Diamond reportedly shorted retailers due to "a data import issue." Retailers will receive some copies this week, with the remainder said to come next week.

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 scheduled for release May 25.

Look for more coverage of DC's Rebirth throughout the day here at Newsarama.

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