RUSSOS Confirm Name Change For AVENGERS: INFINITY WARS, Two 'Separate Entities'

"Avengers: Infinity War" title card
Credit: Marvel Studios

Updated May 5, 2016: The Russos have now confirmed that Avengers Infinity War Parts One and Two will undergo a name change before making it to theaters. After comments made to i09 that the directing duo felt the Parts One and Two designators were misleading, as the films will be "separate entities," the pair have confirmed that the title of one or both movies will change.

 “The intention is we will change it, we just haven’t come up with the titles yet,” co-director Joe Russo told HitFix. “But, yes, we will change it. And, yes, that is a scoop: we will retitle them.”

Russo also called the Parts One and Two subtitles "misleading," saying “The movies are two very different movies.”

Original Story: Although the next Avengers films are subtitled Infinity War Part 1 and Infinity War Part 2, co-director Anthony Russo said they are two distinct films.

“The movies are very very different from one another,” Russo told io9. “It’s not a part one and part two scenario, necessarily. They’re just two different expressions. I think it creates a misconception that we’re shooting them at the same time.”

Co-screenwriter Stephen McFeely echoes that statement, saying "I will agree [the two movies are very different], and that was very important to all of us."

When asked how the two films will differ, Anthony Russo said it's an episodic contination from their first Marvel film that's part of a broader "storytelling arc".

“For us there’s a through line from Winter Soldier, through Civil War, right to Infinity War,” said Russo. “In our mind, the storytelling arc moves that way.”

“There’s an overarching story that’s going to be told through all four films,” added Joe Russo. “And I think having the amount of characters we have in [Civil War] certainly prepares us to deal with probably triple the amount of characters in Infinity War.”

Marvel hasn't made any statements about the Infinity War films changing names, but Warner Bros.'s Justice League Part 1 and Part 2 are in a similiar scenario, with director Zack Snyder saying previously that they were eyeing a name change to differentiate the films more.

The directors and screenwriters of Avengers: Infinity War are all describing the two-part film as a "culmination" of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe thusfar, but Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is already looking forward to the future: 2020 and beyond.

“We’re only working on what’s been announced through the end of 2019,” Feige told io9. “And it is still a big chess board for 2020 and beyond, but certainly I would say Guardians 3 is [one film that’s] up there. I don’t know what exactly the order will be.”

Inhumans, which Feige said earlier will probably be rescheduled, is currently the last named Marvel Studios film of 2019. The studio has, however, reserved three 2020 dates for unnamed films: May 1, July 10, and November 6.

This comes as the various players involved with Captiain America: Civil War took part in a press junket this past weekend, so look for more information here at Newsarama this week.

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