BENDIS Reveals Work On New JESSICA JONES Title

"Jessica Jones #1" cover by David Mack
Credit: David Mack (Marvel Comics)
Alias #23 cover
Alias #23 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics

Brian Michael Bendis has announced that a new Jessica Jones comic book series is in the works at Marvel -- sort of. During Marvel's "Next Big Thing" panel at Emerald City Comic Con 2016, Brian Bendis said he is working a sequel to Alias, but that he wasn't making an "official announcement" of it -- despite being from him, and at a Marvel organized panel.

"After Civil War II you can look for a return," Bendis explained, as reported by CBR. "I genuinely think you'll be surprised by what we do in the first issue. I pitched it actually to Melissa Rosenberg, who runs the TV show, at WonderCon and she said, 'Really?' But wait for the official announcement, because this is not it."

Bendis said that he hopes that Alias artists Michael Gaydos and David Mack can return for the series, and that he and Marvel are waiting for Gaydos to finish an unrelated OGN.

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