Re-Live A Classic Era With ART OF ATARI Preview

"Art of Atari" preview

Dynamite has released more details on its upcoming Art of Atari historical book. Scheduled for release in October, the 350-page hardcover compedium by Robert V. Conte and Tim Lapetino aims to deliver the most comprehensive retrospective ever for the classic gaming company which was founded in 1972.

"Atari is remembered as the pioneer of video games -- creating fun, innovative classics like Missile Command, Asteroids, Centipede, and more. But the company was much more than that," said Lapetino, who also works as Executive Director of the Museum of Video Game Art. "Atari's creative culture set the standard for Silicon Valley startups, while its art and design-driven approach yielded an amazing body of work in illustration, graphic design, and industrial design."

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