GERARD WAY: New DOOM PATROL Puts Its Legacy 'In A Blender'

DC Young Animal art
Credit: DC Comics

Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way is in charge of a new DC imprint titled Young Animal, and for the flagship title Doom Patrol, he says he's putting that franchise's legacy in a "blender." 

Way expanded on this idea, telling Rolling Stone, “One of the things that I took away from re-reading all of the runs is that every writer came in, and every artist came in, and they did their own take; they did their own thing. I think my starting point was Grant's material, and then the further I got into the process, I started to draw from all of the continuity and all of the writers' runs. I have every issue of Doom Patrol that ever existed, so there's great things about everybody's run, and I'm trying to incorporate all of them.”

“My take's very different, and I think I owe that to readers of Doom Patrol,” he continued. “I think if I came in and just did fan fiction of something then that would be no good. Aside from that, I'm a completely different writer than Grant. He's my hero and he's my mentor, but I can't go near what he did. Like, it's so great and it's so intellectual. There's a certain way he wrote that comic that I can't do, so I'm not going to.”

Way's creator-owned series Umbrella Academy was heavily influenced by Morrison's Doom Patrol, and the musician/writer assures fans that his work on Young Animal will not prevent him from completing the series's next installment.

Still, Way says Young Animal is his current focus.

“I'm not exclusive with DC, but at the same time, I'm doing so much work right now, I can't really see doing anything else. I'm very invested in this imprint, so I'm going to devote a lot of attention to that, and I'm here for the long haul with it. I want Young Animal to be something that does stick around. I want this to be the start of a lot of different great, interesting, experimental books for DC and DCU characters and superheroes.”

The last Umbrella Academy miniseries, Dallas, was published in 2008. Young Animal launches with Doom Patrol in September.

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