What Is DAN DIDIO's 'The Challenge' at DC COMICS?

"DC Challenge #1" cover by Jerry Ordway
Credit: Jerry Ordway (DC Comics)

Tuesday DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio tweeted about something he called "The Challenge" at the publisher. Take a look:

DiDio didn't elaborate any more on what "The Challenge" is, and DC could not be reached for comment. However, the first teases for DC's Rebirth were also revealed on DiDio's (and other DC executives) Twitter accounts.

As for what DC's "The Challenge" could be, the publisher has used a variation of that name on two major occasions: the long-time team The Challengers of the Unknown, but, perhaps more comparable, is the 1985 miniseries DC Challenge.

DC Challenge was a 12-issue miniseries that featured a "round robin" style creative team, which each issue written and drawn by a different set of creators. Each issue ended on a cliffhanger for the subsequent creative team to solve, and at the time DC said that it barred the different creative teams from consulting with one another about storylines.

What do you think DiDio means by "The Challenge"? Tell us in the comments section below.

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