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Credit: DC Comics

While many characters will be helmed by new creators as part of DC’s Rebirth, Hal Jordan will be flying with a familiar co-pilot as recent Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti will continue to write his adventures in the new ongoing series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. Also joining him is classic Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver and his former XO Manowar collaborator Rafa Sandoval.

With Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Hal’s “rebirth” is about returning to his roots – getting back his power ring, joining forces with the Corps, and clashing with his arch-nemesis Sinestro on a cosmic scale. Newsarama spoke with Venditti about Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps at WonderCon, discovering the event that reunites Hal with his former teammates, and even which Lanterns that will entail.

Spoiler alert: Ch’p might just be involved.

Newsarama: Robert, you’re sticking with the Green Lantern mythos in Rebirth, writing Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. Will this mark Hal’s return to ringslinging as opposed to using the gauntlet he’s been wearing lately?

Robert Venditti: Yeah, as part of Rebirth, all the characters are returning to their roots. But I will say the manner in which Hal gets his ring back will be unexpected, and it’ll build on everything we’ve done up until now, including him using the gauntlet.

Nrama: So there are a still a few surprises in store with the story of the gauntlet.

Venditti: Definitely.

Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: I take it that Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps will build off your previous Green Lantern run. Will this be a continuation of that story?

Venditti: In a sense, in the way that all the Rebirth books are intended to incorporate the long, storied histories of all these characters. It won’t just build on what I’ve done previously but what Geoff Johns has done, what everyone has done, all the way back to the beginning. But it’s also a jumping-on point.

If you’ve never read Green Lantern in your life, you can pick up Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1 and you’re gonna know everything you need to know to read this new series.

Nrama: We know that Sinestro is a big part of this book, and that he’s now in command of Warworld.

Venditti: Correct! We open #1 with Sinestro parking Warworld at Sector 0, which is the location of the Green Lantern headquarters, where it’s always been. But with the Green Lantern Corps absent, Sinestro is going to fill that void and take control of the universe. When we open our story, he’s taken over as the police force in the universe and never even had to fire a shot, and this is the story of what happens next. How does Hal reunite with the Corps? How the they come and unseat this uber-powerful Corps of Yellow Lanterns, and restore themselves as the police force of the universe.

Nrama: As you just said, Hal is reuniting with the Green Lantern Corps, which should be obvious from the title.

Venditti: I didn’t! I said this is the story of how he reunites with them.

Nrama: Fair enough. Let’s talk about the Corps. Who are the characters from the Corps, other than Hal, who you’re really connecting with?

Venditti: John Stewart, for one. I’ve always liked John Stewart, going back to the animated series. I’m a huge John Stewart fan. But also Guy Gardner kind of surprised me. I’ve never had a chance to write Guy before. He’s always been kind of a lunkhead to me, but I found out he’s actually really fun to write. Then you’ve got the classics – Kilowog, Arisia…

Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: Ch’p.

Venditti: [laughs] Ch’p. Yeah, so many great characters. The thing that’s nice about Green Lantern in so many ways is, when you’ve got a character like Superman, who’s just Superman, and Superman’s been written by a bunch of other people, when you’re writing the Green Lantern Corps, you’ve got Green Lanterns that were introduced by specific writers, so in a way, you’re working with every writer who created their own Lantern. There are so many unique voices in that melting pot. That’s really fun to work with.

Nrama: That kind of goes along with the idea of “legacy” which is so important in Rebirth. On that note, I have to ask, will Kyle Rayner appear in this series?

Venditti: Absolutely! You’ll see him very early on, we do have plans for Kyle. I don’t want to go into them too much because I don’t want to step on what’s gonna happen in Omega Men leading up to that, which is a phenomenal series by Tom King. But yes, Kyle will be there, and perhaps the best part of all of it is this is gonna be brought to you by Ethan Van Sciver, and artist who is synonymous with Green Lantern and Rebirth, and also Rafa Sandoval who I’ve worked with before on X-O Manowar, and he does phenomenal work on a cosmic scale, with spaceships and aliens and all of that stuff. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is the book I want to be on, with the collaborators I want to be collaborating with, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

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