KAARE ANDREWS' New Creator-Owned Series Aims For the Rich

"The One%" image

Kaare Andrews has revealed a series of advertisemenets promoting his upcoming creator-owned series Renato Jones: THE ONE% at Image. Playing into the seires' idea of focusing on "the 1%", these ads -- subtitled "Luxury Justice" -- follows in a line of high-end merchandise advertising. According to the cartoonist, THE ONE% is the first comic book "to target the super rich."

“I always wanted to find a way to celebrate luxury and with Renato Jones I can finally give it to those that need it most,” said Andrews. "If there’s one thing that the Mossack Fonseco document leak has shown us, it’s that the super rich have a lot of money hidden away all over the world. I’d just like to help by offering this persecuted class a luxury product to spend it all on."

Renato Jones: THE ONE% is scheduled to debut May 4.

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