After Teasers, Marvel Reveals AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: DEAD NO MORE Details

"Dead No More" teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics

After a series of teaser images last week, Marvel has announced that "Dead No More" will begin this fall in Amazing Spider-Man #19. Artist Jim Cheung will join long-time series writer Dan Slott for this storyline, which the publisher promises will have a "mysterious new villain" and be Peter Parker's "biggest challenge yet".

This new nemesis is identified by Marvel as "the mysterious man in the red suit," which would seem to fit the character seen in the far right of last week's teaser image standing next the presumed Gwen Stacy. He will offer some of Spider-Man's enemies the chance to revive their loved ones if they follow his orders. The villains involved are the Rhino, the Lizard, Electro, and a returning Doctor Octopus. Take a look at the full teaser here:

Credit: Marvel Comics

A prologue to "Dead No More" by Slott and artist Javier Garron will appear in one of Marvel's two Free Comic Book Day 2016 one-shots.

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