Gang Green - Writers Talk the Latest Green Lantern News

As the Green Lantern movie gets closer this fall's filming date, the internet is rampant with rumors about who might be cast in the lead role of Hal Jordan.

Screenwriter Marc Guggenheim, who penned the Green Lantern script with co-writers Greg Berlanti and Michael Green, told Newsarama that while he can't comment on casting, he personally is hoping to see someone young enough to carry the role into future films.

"I would like to see someone who is, while not being baby-faced by any stretch of the imagination, I would personally like someone who's young enough to carry a franchise going forward," Guggenheim said.

Green said the hopes are to build a Green Lantern film franchise that can be carried into future films. "You always write a script with success in mind. And in film, success means future films," he said.

The Green Lantern movie, which is being directed by Casino Royale's Martin Campbell, will begin filming in Australia in September for a release date of June 17, 2011. The reported budget for the movie is $150 million. (Although the original targeted date was Dec. 17, 2010, Warner Bros. just last week pushed back Green Lantern's release to 2011, where it's now set to compete with the currently scheduled May 6, 2011, release of Spider-Man 4.)

While no actor has been confirmed in the role of Hal Jordan, everyone from Star Trek's Chris Pine to The Notebook's Ryan Gosling have been rumored as being up for the role. And just last week, HitFix cited a source as confirming Bradley Cooper was "most likely" to be cast as Hal Jordan. Cooper, 34, is best known by TV audiences for his roles in Alias and Nip/Tuck, and he appears in this summer's upcoming comedy, The Hangover.

And just yesterday, Terminator Salvation actor Sam Worthington's name once again became attached to the movie after he confirmed to Moviehole that he has spoken to director Martin Campbell about the role.

"It's one of those things where they're still doing the script," said the 32-year-old actor. "I said, 'Give me a script. Let me have a look at it.' I like Martin a lot. I met him on the Bond stuff, and I like his work, but the second step is, 'Is it a movie that I'd go and see?"

That "still doing the script" line shouldn't worry fans too much. Green and Guggenheim told Newsarama that their script has been finished for some time, but it's being refined to make shooting more realistic and to line up with the locations being scouted in Australia.

"We're doing, basically, the production pass," Green said. "It's a really fun process because you're taking the things that were still abstract and making it practical and real. We're thinking about it in terms of, 'how will we actually affect this?' as opposed to making it something we were trying to convince the studio to do. It's a nice part of the process because it's no longer a sales document; it's a production script."

Guggenheim said the three writers are meeting with Campbell and producer Donald De Line regularly. "We're constantly working on the script and making revisions per our collective discussions and things that are reflected by the other departments in the movie," he said. "It's actually going to be filmed. So that's what's fun and challenging. So we're just working away on it."

Besides their work in TV and film, both Guggenheim and Green are also current comic book writers. Guggenheim works on Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel Comics and Resurrection for Oni Press, while Green co-writes Superman/Batman for DC Comics. Green told Newsarama that because the writers are involved in comics, the script is a "fan's take. We're all huge fans of the character." And Guggenheim told Newsarama last year the script is "not only a respectful approach to the character, but it's a loving approach to the entire mythos."

That comic book connection gives Green Lantern fans hope for a movie that highlights the space-traveling, multi-hero aspect of the character. In comic books, Hal Jordan is not the only Green Lantern, but is part of an interstellar corps of heroes from throughout the universe who enforce justice with their green energy-emitting rings.

The movie seems to be following that universe-wide idea of the Green Lantern mythos, as the writers have confirmed the Green Lantern home planet of Oa is being designed for the film. And as Guggenheim and Green spoke with Newsarama about finding someone young enough to play Hal Jordan in multiple films, the Green Lantern character names Sinestro and Killowog also came up.

"The one thing I fear," Guggenheim said, "is that you don't want to end up – and no offense to Roger Moore – but you don't want to end up in the second movie with, like, Roger Moore in A View to a Kill. Where it's like, oh my God, don't strain yourself."

"So you're not liking my Peter O'Toole idea?" Green joked.

"Not liking your Peter O'Toole idea," Guggenheim said with a laugh. "But then, I tell ya, Peter O'Toole as Sinestro? Hmmm..."

"I have an old joke where anytime anyone asks me who I see in any character, I just say Seth Green," Green said. "And I don't think he's a good Hal Jordan. I don't really want him for this movie. But I'm going to stick with that because it always works for me. Then again, Seth Green Kilowog? What do you think?"

Check back this week for more of our conversation with Green and Guggenheim about their TV work and a discussion about the future of fiction on broadcast telelvision.

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