Classic Man of Steel Takes Back His SUPERMAN Title in REBIRTH’s ACTION COMICS

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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC's Rebirth is all about bringing DC’s heroes back to their roots, and nowhere is that more evident than with their Superman titles, with the classic pre-Flashpoint Superman returning to  being Metropolis’s Man of Steel and the star of a renumbered Action Comics.

Veteran Superman scribe Dan Jurgens is returning to Action Comics, he’s bringing with him Superman: Lois & Clark Superman, along with wife, Lois Lane, and son, Jonathan. Jurgens will be joined by artists Patrick Zircher and Tyler Kirkham.

Jurgens is responsible for many Superman milestones, including his 1990s death and return (including the creation of Doomsday, as recently seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), as well as the marriage to Lois Lane. Still, he’s humble when discussing the looming Action Comics #1000, saying “we’ll see,” whether he’s the writer to tackle what he calls the “Super Bowl of comics.”

Credit: DC Comics

But even if he isn’t the writer to hit that mark, Jurgens is bringing big ideas with him to his return to Action Comics. For starters, in his story, the two Supermen will co-exist -- the formerly primary Superman from "New 52" and the pre-Flashpoint Man of Steel who has been living incognito up until now in Superman: Lois & Clark.

“Obviously we know from very recent DC history that Lois Lane revealed that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person to the entire world,” Jurgens explained at WonderCon 2016, referring to the recent "Truth" storyline. “When the Superman we’ve been seeing in Lois and Clark comes to Metropolis, they’ve been living here, in secret, from the pre-Flashpoint Universe, and that can’t possibly work for them.”

”That being said," Jurgens continued," they find themselves thrown headlong into a story where Doomsday has been released in Metropolis, and as this Superman goes to fight him, Clark Kent is there with no explanation whatsoever. The mystery is going to be, 'How could this possible be happening?' Right from the get-go, we’ve got two very different characters. We have Superman, and we have Clark Kent, and no one can understand how that’s possible.”

Credit: DC Comics

In addition to Doomsday, this classic Man of Steel will also be dealing with the returning Lex Luthor, fresh from his semi-heroic turn in Geoff Johns' Justice League.

”Lex has obviously been part of the Justice League for quite a while now, and he’s come off as kind of a reformed Lex Luthor,” said Jurgens. “ But that’s something that this Superman is never going to buy into. He’s seen Lex elected president, he’s seen him kill on his old world, so that’s not something he can accept. Lex has sensed a void in Metropolis, and he has declared himself ‘Superman,’ so just as we’re seeing that, him taking that role of being Metropolis’s chief protector someone else steps in, and that’s pre-Flashpoint Superman.”

With a somewhat different version of Superman entering the public conscious in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Rebirth introducing several new versions of the character, Jurgens says he feels there’s still plenty of room for the classic Superman that fans embraced decades ago, calling the other versions of the hero, and his spin-offs, part of his “legacy and lore.”

”I think that good characters, really good characters, are always really expansive. And if you look at something like Supergirl, she’s been a part of the legacy and lore for a long, long time. Other characters attempting to be a ‘Superman’ is also something that’s been a long time part of Superman lore, and that touches on what Gene Yang is doing in New Superman. And I think that Superman is such a big character that those things can expand to different characters and ideas.”

Action Comics returns to its original numbering with #957, hitting stands June 22 as part of DC’s Rebirth initiative.

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