Warners Announces Watchmen DVD Release, Facebook Deal

According to The Hollywood Reporter, both regular and Director’s Cut versions of the Watchmen DVD will be released in late July (either the 21st or 28th – the date is still being finalized), and in an unprecedented move, Warners will sync “friend” networks on Facebook with the community screening features on Warners’ Blu-ray releases for the Director’s Cut. The resultant combination of the BD-Live and Facebook features will allow individuals to join with their friends for community viewings of the movie during which they can share comments.

In addition, the Blu-ray Director’s Cut will include “Warner Bros. Maximum Movie Mode,” which will allow for a split-screen viewing of Watchmen, showing both the regular version of the film as well as elements of director Zack Snyder’s on-camera commentary.

Regular and Blu-ray versions of the film will be released simultaneously, with no bonus features on the standard disc version, while the Director’s Cut will include a second disc loaded with extras.

Watchmen will be released on digital platforms simultaneously, including On Demand, PPV, Xbox360 and PlayStation 3. The Director’s Cut versions of the film will see same-date release on iTunes and Amazon on Demand.

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