Post Game: Smallville 8.20 - 'Injustice'

Post Game: Smallville 8.20

"Oh, I still wanna save the planet, there's just some of the people that I can do without. -- Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman)

Not sure there's any doubt that this week's episode of Smallville was easier on the senses than the "Beast" we were subjected to a week ago. I did think that it was funny that much of this episode revolved around Davis Bloome as Doomsday, yet Sam Witwer was never in front of the camera once.

Anyway, "Injustice" kicked off at the Daily Planet and Tess is confronted in her office by Clark. Clark brings up his aversion to her recent suggestion that he's an alien messiah, though butting heads over who should stop the ever-dangerous Davis once and for all helps the conversation move in another direction. Tess stops him cold with her suggestion of what may be necessary. Clark is sort of saved by a distress call and bails when he recognizes it as Chloe's frantic calls in the woods. He gets to her just before she gets splattered by a truck, stumbling in the middle of a country road. When she hugs him for solace, off in the distance we see a team of four sizing them up. In the mix is Plastique, and she's leading the team to make a move on them.

Later at the Kent Farm, Clark tries to console a seriously rattled Chloe and it does not go well. Am I the only one who was jonesin' for a big, fat "I told you so?" Clark tries to assure her safety, but she confirms that it's over for Davis, there is no other way of saving him and he has to go down. This notion is brought home in Metropolis where the stealthy team from before is convening around a fallen teammate. Apparently this "Neutron" encountered Doomsday and it did not bode well for him. The rest of the team starts to argue when Tess enters the scene. The castaways, namely "Livewire," a young lady whose principal ability is to produce glowing green balls of energy from her hands (useful, no?), start to show division over what Tess got them into. Very quickly this team of four becomes two when this dissident Livewire is sapped of her power by her teammate, Parasite.

Elsewhere Clark visits Oliver Queen at his office and they've yet to find Doomsday. Clark sounds like he is onboard with everyone else who has determined that Doomsday has to be killed. Clark thinks he can do it "with the help of Lex Luthor." By this, Clark suggests that what should do the trick is black kryptonite. He asks Ollie to acquire it since he couldn't handle the rock himself. Turns out it's in safe keeping at the Luthor mansion, and Ollie is eager for the chance to bust some moves on Tess to get it. When Clark goes back to the Kent Farm to dig up an old chestnut in the form of a Kryptonian crystal for his plan, Chloe barges in. She's back to her old self after the whole assault thing had her rattled, now cracking wise. Unfortunately it turns out that Clark isn't totally on the same page with everyone else and he intends to use the black K rock to split Davis in two. He thinks that he can separate Davis from his beastly side and banish the monster side to the Phantom Zone. Oh, Clark, I guess this is where the "Save Me" theme song becomes relevant.

Their disagreement is cut short when Clark gets a call from Dr. Emil that Doomsday has struck again. We return to the murder scene from earlier, only now there are two bodies on the scene, the new victim being Livewire. Clark recognizes them as Tess pawns. They find that Livewire has her neck marked, a branding if you will. When it's determined that what killed Livewire was an GPS implant in her head that had a destruct switch triggered, Chloe suddenly steps away from the scene to stand outside, looking a little nervous. The situation becomes a whole lot more complicated when it's revealed that Chloe is working with this "Injustice League" to take down Doomsday. She contacts and meets with Plastique and Parasite to warn them that Livewire's death was likely due to Tess' control over all of them, Chloe included. The duo doesn't buy it, and they proceed with their lofty goal to finish off Doomsday. We find that while they are certainly misguided, they have somewhat heroic intentions. Take notes, Mr. Kent. Chloe's concern has a lot to do with the fact that they were all at one time holed up in Black Creek where all the meteor freaks were treated. Does she have the tracking device in her own head?

Later at the Daily Planet, Tess (eavesdropping on Chloe's phone call to Plastique) gets a visit by Ollie. Sporting a bottle of wine, he pretends to be there to celebrate the opening of a new eco-friendly LuthorCorp facility. She can barely be bothered and he observes that the old Tess would've been thrilled with the company's moves to go green. His advances go nowhere and he leaves, but it turns out to be a ruse with the wine bottle capturing her fingerprints to be used later. Even though he strikes out, it's fun to watch Oliver Queen play the Lothario, and it only gets better later.

Back at her own office, Chloe's doing some research when she's approached by Clark, wondering why she's been unreachable. She divulges much of the backstory of the Injustice League's affiliation with Tess. All of the sudden something goes off in her head and she collapses dead. Oh noes! Only thing is, no sooner than Chloe dies does she morph into her true identity, Eva, Tess' meteor freak assistant who was posing as Chloe all along. Clark seeks out Plastique to tell her about the kill switch she's got in her head. She blows his warning off at first only to get conclusive proof, but it becomes an opportunity for Parasite to sneak up on Clark to sap his power. Dude barely knows what hit him not knowing how powerful Clark really is, and he steals away with Plastique leaving Clark behind. The two now have designs on Tess who has clearly not been straight with them.

Green Arrow, meanwhile, is on the scene at the Luthor mansion. Using the fingerprints he swiped earlier, he gets into the old trophy room of Lex's that Tess now has access to. He finds the black kryptonite, but he hears Tess approaching and has no means of escaping without being seen. To cover himself, he ironically loses all of his clothing and hops into Tess's bed when she walks in as a follow-up to his earlier seduction play. Oh, the archery sexual euphemisms I have at my disposal. Before he even gets shown the door, the sexy encounter is rudely interrupted by a blast by Parasite and Plastique, knocking Oliver unconscious in the process. And Tess can't subdue the two with her kill switches because Parasite used his Livewire electrical power to short out their GPS bugs.

Powerless but ready to do some good, Clark is on the phone with Dr. Emil who navigates him to a hot rod that'll get him back to Smallville in a hurry (the "Supermobile"?). Tess is tied up at the mansion and in poor standing with the Injustice League to say the least. Parasite leeches off of her to inflict some pain and they demand Black Creek files to find out who is potentially in the same predicament as they are. Also this can help them re-up their ranks. Conveniently, Tess is knocked out Clark walks in, and he takes on Plastique and Parasite in earnest. He gets well timed backup from a suited up Green Arrow. Arrow first takes out Plastique and he whips out a glowing green ring to subdue Parasite that immediately invokes one thing in particular (Batman, anyone?). After Arrow delivers a vicious beating to the energy-sucker, Clark steps in and gets his powers back (by the way I noticed a little spectral image of the comic book Parasite in the power transfer process -- was that just me?). While Clark is getting powered up, Green Arrow puts an unconscious Tess to bed.

The next day at Oliver's office, Clark visits and is assured that surviving meteor freaks are locked away safe. Of course the burning question is where Oliver got his hands on a kryptonite ring. It's confirmed that it was Lex's and Ollie got it when he was killed. A disagreement ensues between the two over doing what it takes to put the bad guys away, especially the more dangerous ones like Lex and Davis. While I'm inclined to agree with Oliver, the discussion ends in an inevitable stalemate.

Getting the black kryptonite he needed, Clark goes back to the farm to get the crystal only to find it missing. As he discovers this, Tess steps out of the shadows to claim that she destroyed it so that Clark would have no choice but to kill Doomsday. She has the knowledge that Eva got prior to her untimely death, so any attempts on his end to cover up his abilities are in vain, and Clark calls her out for the deaths that she herself has recently caused. Tess claims that it was Lex's fault that the brain implants shorted out on those unfortunate few, but Clark's not having it. She goes back to the mansion and a violet glowing orb compels her to her office there. The orb expands to the size of the room and a disembodied voice asks if Clark's destiny is ready to be fulfilled. From that she accepts some sort of offer to become Kandor's savior. Wait, KANDOR???

Well, full of twists and turns, a damn duplicitous episode "Injustice" turned out to be. I mean, could anybody trust anybody? CAN anyone be trusted? With one episode to go in this eighth season (stay tuned next week for "Doomsday"), is Clark finally ready to man (of steel) up?

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