BATMAN v SUPERMAN Deleted Scene Hints At [Redacted], LUTHOR - [Redacted] Connection - SPOILERS

Still from 'Batman v Superman' deleted scene
Still from 'Batman v Superman' deleted scene
Credit: Warner Bros.

Several scenes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice seemed to hint at the inclusion of Jack Kirby's New Gods in the DC Cinematic Universe, including possible glimpses at Boom Tubes, Mother Boxes, Parademons, Darkseid's Omega symbol, and more. Lex Luthor even hints in a later scene that he's aware of what's coming, possibly cryptically referring to Darkseid himself.

Now, Warner Bros. has shared a deleted scene from the film which may show the connection between Luthor, Doomsday, and Apokolips. The scene, entitled "Communion," shows Luthor confronting what could be a being of Apokolips - possibly Steppenwolf or Mantis - along with several more objects that appear to be Mother Boxes inside the downed Kryptonian ship. Check it out:

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