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As part of its announcements of new titles, DC revealed a few post-Rebirth character changes that should make long-time readers happy — Terry McGinnis is back as Batman Beyond, and Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes will be working with a new mentor: Ted Kord.

The DCU will also get the son of Superman working with the son of Batman in a title, tying into the already announced Superman titles that feature the pre-New 52 Superman who's married to Lois Lane and has an apparently super-powered son.

DC showed a Gary Frank cover for the upcoming 80-page special that kicks off Rebirth, and Chief Creative Officer (and Rebirth architect) Geoff Johns said "you will learn who's affecting the DC universe."

"Characters return, the fate of another character is sealed," and "the biggest secret in the DC Universe is revealed," Johns said.

Johns revealed that the special opens with Batman trying to solve a problem related to the Joker (whose secret identity has apparently been revealed to Batman during "Darkseid War").

These surprise announcements were made as part of a round-up of "other" titles that didn't fit into the "Super," "Bat," or "Justice League" categories already announced by DC.

That list of other titles included Harley Quinn, which will be written by the title's current team, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, with artists Chad Hardin and John Timms. The book, which launches in August, will ship twice monthly. "We're going to throw a lot more craziness into the book," Conner said. There will also be a lot of guest stars, including Bat-characters and non-Bat-characters.

"It's a book about fun," Palmiotti said. "And I think the audience has really responded to that."

Conner said jokingly that the team is not doing a Rebirth book, but has been talking about doing an "Afterbirth" book. She also was announced as a DC exclusive artist and is now obligated to draw three books for DC.

Suicide Squad will feature art by Philip Tan and Jim Lee, with Rob Williams writing. The book, which ships twice a month, will launch in August. "It's a book about hope and redemption," Tan said. "Which is weird," Lee said, "because it's a book about super villains."

The book will feature Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Katana, Boomerang, and a "couple other ones" that DC won't spoil yet, Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns said.

The remaining titles for DC will be:

- Green Arrow by writer Ben Percy and artists Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra, launching in June and shipping twice monthly. "Green Arrow and Black Canary finally meet," Johns said of the title.

- Red Hood and the Outlaws by writer Scott Lobdell with artist Dexter Soy, launching in August and shipping monthly. "Red Hood decides to recruit two new outlaws to make a dark trinity: Bizarro and Artemis of the Amazons," Johns said.

- The Hellblazer by writer Simon Oliver and artist Moritat, shipping monthly beginning in August. "This will be Swamp Thing and John Constantine on a mission to save Abby Arcane," Johns added.

- Deathstroke by writer Christopher Priest and artists Carlo Pagulayan, Igor Vitorino and Felipe Watanabe, shipping twice monthly beginning in August. "We got him on Deathstroke," Johns said. "It is the most character-driven, sophisticated, nuanced, but still shooting people book."

- Batman Beyond with writer Dan Jurgens and artist Bernard Chang, shipping monthly beginning in October. "This will be the return of Terry McGinnis," Johns said to huge cheers from the WonderCon audience.

- Blue Beetle by writer Keith Giffen with Scott Kolins on art, shipping months and launching in September. "This is one of my favorites. This is Jaime Reyes working with his mentor, Ted Kord," Johns said, again to huge cheers.

- Teen Titans with writer Ben Percy and artist Jonboy Meyers shipping monthly beginning in October. "Damian Wayne essentially decides he's going to lead the Teen Titans, and nobody wants him to, so it's Robin versus the Titans," Johns said.

- Super Sons, which ships monthly beginning in September. "Super Sons: Son of Superman meets son of Batman," Johns said.

- Justice League of America, which ships twice a month beginning in September and "we can't talk about yet," Johns said.

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