DC Gives Some Pre-Event REBIRTH Clues

DC Rebirth video still
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: Jason Fabok

During a Friday morning press tour on the WonderCon show floor, DC Comics teased a few more details about the creative teams taking part in the Rebirth relaunch. Although the full details aren't scheduled to be announced until Saturday's event, the publisher's director of publicity Michael Shelling did give some hints to the line-up of the characters and creators that will drive the 2016 line-wide relaunch.

The idea of "returns" repeatedly emphasized by Shelling, from characters returning to their more iconic selves to "big" creators returning to titles they were associated with in the past. He said DC's goal is to return to the most iconic versions of the characters, but added Rebirth will include some lesser known characters too.

Shelling also said there will be more female creators in the Rebirth line-up, and that there will be writers and artists coming in from "outside media"; something DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns mentioned in the announcement of the DC talent development workshops.

"I’ve brought in a lot of new writers to DC, both from within and outside of comics, for Rebirth, working with them closely as we rebuild our universe,” said Johns. “The creative growth of DC comes from new voices joining the mix, both writers and artists, and it’s been an absolute highlight to work with them."

DC's showfloor booth is adorned with both pre-"New 52" and "New 52" art, including a large banner from Cliff Chiang's Wonder Woman run and one for Frank Quitely's Batman & Robin. When asked about that, Shelling said to expect "big" Wonder Woman news on Saturday.

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