JIM LEE & JONATHAN HICKMAN Eating Lunch, With a Side of DC REBIRTH Teasing

Legion of Super-Heroes
Credit: Scott Clark (DC Comics)

Updated August 16, 2017: DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee tweeted out earlier that he was having lunch at the Warner Bros. commisary near DC Entertainment's offices in Burbank, California. Take a look:

Credit: DC Comics

While that avacado toast might be news to some, what's more interesting us is Hickman meeting with Lee - and particular, Lee specifically tweeting about it. It could be a casual meeting between friends, from one Image founder to one current Image creator, but it could be something more.

As we wrote about back in March 2016 (see below), Hickman has talked about working with DC as recently as the "Rebirth" launch. And the writer/artist has also been very public about his interest in Legion of Super-Heroes.

And hey, there's also a Justice League book that needs a writer once Bryan Hitch leaves this fall, but that's just pure speculation.

Do you think Hickman would end his full-time work at Image Comics to do some work for DC? If so, what would you want to see him work on?

Original Story from March 3, 2016: Is Marvel's Secret Wars writer Jonathan Hickman going to join DC Comics' Rebirth initiative? If you believe his own social media, it appears that way. On Wednesday, the creator tweeted that he's agreed to solicitations from DC's editorial staff to join them. Take a look:

While it would be uncharacteristic of both DC and Hickman to informally announce a working relationship on Twitter, there doesn't seem to be any reason to question Hickman's sincerity.

Hickman signed a three-year exclusive deal with Marvel Comics in 2009, but it does not appear as if he's currently exclusive to them. The writer currently has no announced Marvel projects, and has begun accepting outside work-for-hire work at other publishers including a recent variant cover for IDW's Transformers series as an artist.

Hickman has spoken on several occasions in the past about his interest in DC's Legion of Super-Heroes, once revealing that it was the first comic book he'd ever read.

Newsarama was unable to reach DC or Hickman for further comment.

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