Firestorm is in the Blackest Night House

DC Releases Blackest Night Firestorm

Update: This afternoon, DC released that latest teaser in the series: Firestorm - below.

Via their Source blog, DC Comics has released a new teaser image for Blackest Night - admittedly not too much of a surprise - the Martian Manhunter. As DC readers will recall, the cornerstone of the Justice League, who admittedly wasn't himself after Infinite Crisis, went out in the first issue of Final Crisis at the hands of The Human Flame. In terms of deaths in the DC Universe...there've been better.

Add J'onn to the two the two teaser images previously released: the Earth-2 Superman (who died in Infinite Crisis), and Aquaman (who the end of his last series), and the Black Lanterns have quote the powerful foundation to start things up with.

Blackest Night #1 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis hits comic shops in July.


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