Boom's 'Station' Picked Up by CBS Films

Best Shots Extra: Station #1

Best Shots Extra: Station #1
Best Shots Extra: Station #1
Station #1

Boom! Studios is headed to film, this according to Variety which reports that CBS Films has acquired the screen rights to the miniseries. Boom’s Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby will co-produce along with I, Robot’s Jeff Vintar and producer Laurence Mark. The miniseries was created and written by Johanna Stokes, with art by Leno Carvalho.

As Boom originally described the series:

A thriller in the vein of WHITEOUT, STATION is the creation of Johanna Stokes, writer of the EUREKA TV episodes “Right as Raynes” and “Purple Haze,” with art by newcomer Leno Carvalho. A 4-issue monthly mini-series beginning this June, STATION explores murder at the extreme edges of the earth.

Bringing a Hitchcockian level of suspense little-seen in the comics medium, STATION puts a new twist on the classic “locked room” murder mystery, focusing on space tourist Dyson as he tries to find out why one of his crewmates is dead, who killed him, and why.

David Blackman will serve as executive producer.

Newsarama's review of issue #1 can be found here.

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