Retiring ROBBI RODRIGUEZ To Say Comics Goodbye with GWENOM

"Guardians of Knowhere #1" first look
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Move over Spider-Gwen and Gwenpool, here comes the even more pun-tastic Gwenom.

According to Spider-Gwen artist Robbi Rodriguez, the alternate dimension Gwen Stacy/Venom hybrid is graduating from a one-off Rob Guillory variant cover of last year’s Guardians of Knowhere #1 (right) to full-fledged character in what he called a year-long Spider-Gwen story arc beginning later this year.

"Gwenom is happening!" Rodriguez told Newsarama gleefully at this weekend’s C2E2.

While Marvel declined to comment-confirm Monday, Rodriquez told us the publisher just recently approved the idea, and that the arc will be “toned down by about half" from his original pitch. The storyline will be a collaboration of by the full series creative team of Rodriguez, Jason Latour and Rico Renzi, and they’ll begin work fleshing it out after the current "Spider-Women" crossover event is complete, according to the artist.

"In the tradition of Spider-Gwen, we just made another book out of a pun we came up with in a bar," he said. 

Rodriguez appears to have high hopes for the character (there may or may not be talk of a spin-off series depending on response according to him) because as it turns out, it may be the artist’s last contribution to the comic book industry.

Take it away Robbi:

Rodriquez and expanded upon his tweet to tell Newsarama the Gwenom arc will be his comic book … ahem … Gwan song.

While he keeps the door open to do some future work “just for fun,” he’s apparently moving on to other professional pursuits.

"We had a good run, dawg," he said. 

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