BATMAN's GREG CAPULLO On #50's Bombastic End to 'Superheavy' & What He & SNYDER Are Doing Next

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Credit: Greg Capullo (DC Comics)

In this week's Batman #50, Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder will be finishing their final storyline on the title, "Superheavy," with an oversized issue that Capullo says "really exemplifies everything Scott and I have done on Batman in one issue."

According to Scott Snyder, the bulk of Batman #50 is "city-shaking stuff, crazier that anything we've done in any issue." But the writer also said #50 will have emotional moments, like "the reconciliation between Bruce and Jim," and Duke Thomas "coming to terms with what you'll learn has happened to his parents."

Then in Batman #51, Capullo and Snyder will do a "lighter" issue that the writer called a love letter to fans — "you'll see those conversations that need to happen after the city is saved," he said.

Although the Snyder and Capullo have both announced their departure from Batman after issue #51, the two have been saying for months that they plan to reunite on another DC project in the future. In the meantime, Batman will relaunch in June with a different creative team as part of DC's Rebirth event.

Credit: Greg Capullo (DC Comics)

However, Snyder implied to Newsarama that he'll still be working on the Batman character in the future, just with a different artist and a different type of Dark Knight. "I have a different sort of idea for what to do with the character when Greg goes away," Snyder said.

Capullo has already announced that he will work with Mark Millar on a title that won't be announced until May. However, the artist told Newsarama that it is only six issues, and he intends to come back to DC for a project the company suggested to him and Snyder.

Newsarama talked to the artist about this week's Batman #50, why he's taking a break from working with Snyder, and what the two are planning next.

Credit: Greg Capullo (DC Comics)

Newsarama: Greg, I know you've been thinking about leaving Batman for a little while, having mentioned it in a few interviews over the last couple years. What made this "Superheavy" storyline the right cap to your run with Scott?

Greg Capullo: Here's the deal. I've been doing this for five years of Batman. And it's hard to… not that I was feeling burnt out on it, and Scott and I have a great relationship and all, but at some point, I think it's best to move off a project while you're still doing a fine job as opposed to running it into the ground to where people just can't wait to get you off the book.

So I think Scott and I were both still pretty strong.

Nrama: The fans certainly thought so. I think you guys are consistently one of DC's best-selling titles.

Capullo: And it's good to leave them wanting more. And God bless them, they do.

And you can always come back and do more. I think that, for me as an artist, I need to take a little break from it and maybe do something else, recharge my batteries, get a different creative vibe going.

Credit: Greg Capullo (DC Comics)

Nrama: So you think the project you're doing with Mark Millar will get some different creative juices flowing? Is that the benefit of trying a different project for a bit with a different writer?

Capullo: Yeah, I think it revitalizes you. Scott already has that. Writers can work on multiple projects; artists not so much. So this is my opportunity to do that.

As an artist, you're very limited, unless you're constantly switching books, to try other things that you'd like to do, because you walk in and you can only do the one thing.

Credit: Greg Capullo (DC Comics)

So for me, it was leave while you're still strong, go off and have a couple other adventures maybe, and then reunite with Scott for our next project for DC.

Nrama: You and Scott have both been talking about your future reunion for a while now, so you obviously know that it is going to happen. But do you already have a particular timing in mind?

Capullo: The project I'm doing with Mark Millar is going to be six issues, so as soon as I'm done with that. Scott's going to be simultaneously working the script for our project, which we can't divulge because, you know, it's a secret.

Nrama: Yeah, and there have been a lot of guesses about what you two might do next. I know you can't announce it now, but after you guys relaunched Batman #1 and kept the title a bestseller for five years, do you feel like this next project will be another high-profile title?

Credit: Greg Capullo (DC Comics)

Capullo: I think it promises to be a bigger, flashier thing than the relaunch of the "New 52" — and why I say that is, it was true that we took over Batman and we reset that to #1, which is a big deal. But there were 51 other books that did that. You know what I mean? So you were just one face in the crowd, really. Whereas this, I think, is more stand-out in the crowd a bit.

I'm really hoping, because Scott and I have had the conversation, Scott goes, "what can we really do? Because, you know, we hit such a high mark on Batman. We can only move laterally." And for a long time, I agreed with him — yeah, it's just lateral moves all the way.

But then DC had this idea for us, and I think it's just a way to have it go up one more notch, so this one might go to 11.

Nrama: Then to finish up, as we get ready to read your oversized issue #50 this week, which finishes the "Superheavy" storyline before your final issue in April's #51, what can we expect form Batman #50?

Capullo: It's a bombastic issue that really, really exemplifies everything Scott and I have done on Batman in one issue.

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