C2E2 2016: SNYDER & CAPULLO Look Back On Their BATMAN Run

"Batman #50" preview
Credit: Greg Capullo (DC Comics)

DC’s Batman creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are attending this weekend’s C2E2 in Chicago, and are taking part in a panel looking back at their nearly five-year run on the title. “Snyder & Capullo – A Batman Retrospective” offers a unique chance for attendees – and readers of Newsarama – to witness and take part in a conversation between the two creators just as their run comes to a close.

And with the creative teams for DC’s Rebirth just a week away from being announced and Snyder and Capullo already confirming they’re working on another big project for DC, this C2E2 panel might offer some hints as for what’s going to come.

As part of Newsarama’s live coverage of C2E2, you can follow along to our play-by-play of the panel, here below:


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