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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

At the Saturday C2E2 panel “Civil War II,” Marvel announced a new anthology series spinning out of the summer event featuring some fan favorites and cult favorites taking part in the struggle. Civil War II: Choosing Sides will feature the return of classic Marvel teams like Damage Control and Power Pack, a Night Thrasher story, as well as an over-arching Nick Fury story written and drawn by Declan Shalvey and colored by Jordie Bellaire.

Newsarama talked with series editor Wil Moss about this book, which debuts in June, to find out more about the return of the Power Pack kids, what exactly Damage Control is up to, and how Marvel lured Shalvey back after his success on Moon Knight and Image Comics’ Injection.

Newsarama: Wil, big picture -- what is Civil War II: Choosing Sides about?

Wil Moss: It's about how Civil War II affects the Marvel Universe. It's about how the future belongs to no one and to everyone. And it's about seeing some fan-favorite characters!

Nrama: Declan Shalvey is leading a dynamic list of creators for this anthology. How'd you go about casting this anthology?

Moss: I like to try to use these anthologies to bring in some new-to-Marvel talent. On the last one I worked on – Original Sins -- I hired Ryan North, Erica Henderson and Chip Zdarsky, which led to Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck. We'll see what comes from this one!

Declan is, of course, no spring chicken -- art-wise anyway. He'll be writing his first Marvel story here with a Nick Fury story that runs through all six issues. Writing and drawing! (With Jordie Bellaire on colors, naturally!) I knew I wanted to do a Fury serial here, and I thought it'd be fun to give this new Fury a crazy, inventive story like Steranko gave Fury Sr. back in the '60s, so I started thinking about possible artists who could write their own stories, and it's clear from everything about his work and how he approaches his career that Declan's got a keen mind and an innate sense of storytelling. I asked him if he would be interested, he whipped up an amazing outline, and we were off! 

Nrama: Tell us more about Dec’s story.

Moss: Well so yeah, Declan will be writing and drawing (with Jordie on colors!) a Nick Fury story that'll run through all six issues -- 10 pages in the first issue, then six pages for the rest. It's an insane story, full of cool action, guest stars, gadgets, twists, turns, Inhuman predictions -- everything. I feel like we haven't done enough to make people think much of this new Fury -- I told Declan I wanted to do something about that, and boy is he doing something about it... 

Credit: Declan Shalvey (Marvel Comics)

And Brandon Easton -- one of the writers on the Agent Carter TV show -- is telling a Night Thrasher story, with art by Goran Sudzuka. Night Thrasher was recently brought back in Contest of Champions, and this story here returns him to the Marvel Universe proper. His story here synchs up with events in Civil War II #1 in a big way. And if all goes according to plan, this'll lead to something even bigger for Night Thrasher...

 And then Chad Bowers & Chris Sims will be writing a Damage Control story with art by Leonardo Romero. There's a huge battle in the heart of NYC in Civil War II #1 -- and who do you call after a big super hero brawl to take care of all the destruction? Damage Control, of course. Chris & Chad love Damage Control, and they're eager to show new readers and remind existing fans why Damage Control is one of the more special teams out there in all of comics! 

Nrama: And what are some of the characters fans can look forward to in subsequent issues?

Moss: I don't want to spoil all the fun, but a few characters you'll be seeing are: Punisher, War Machine, Jessica Jones, Power Pack.

Nrama: There’ll be more to this story to talk about in the coming weeks, but last question: You work in Marvel's NYC offices -- has the battle lines in the comic book pages spread to the editors? Are the lead editors of Captain Marvel and Iron Man at odds? Where do you stand, Wil?

Moss: Well, the Iron Man editor is my boss, but the Captain Marvel editor is buddies with the President of the United States, so...#TeamCarol

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