Valiant Sign 15 Artists to Exclusive Contracts

Divinity II
Divinity II
Credit: Valiant

As C2E2 kicks off this weekend, Valiant Entertainment beat many other publishers to the punch last night and announced a fifteen artists had signed exclusive contracts with the publisher, as reported from the Valiant official site.

“In the intervening years, many have attempted to duplicate the ethos behind Valiant’s approach and few, if any have, succeeded. Today’s announcement only reinforces what our fans, critics, and creators have known all along: that Valiant has assembled one of the most formidable teams in recent memory and that Valiant’s dedication to excellence is matched only by the vision of our creators.”, said Valiant Chief Creative Officer and CEO Dinesh Shamdasani. He then went on to state that “Each one of the names you see before you today has, at one point or another, been an instrumental force in shaping Valiant’s success.”

Among the list of names now exclusive to Valiant Entertainment are:

Raul Allen (Bloodshot Reborn and Ninjak),
David Baron (Book of Death and the upcoming Divinity II)
Doug Braithwaite (current artist on Ninjak and former penciler for Armor Hunters)
David Lafuente (A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #1)
Diego Bernard (Unity and X-O Manowar)
Cafu (Unity and X-O Manowar)
Khari Evans (Archer and Armstrong and Harbinger)
Robert Gill (Book of Death and X-O Manowar)
Trevor Hairsine (Divinity, the upcoming Divinity II, Eternal Warrior, and X-O Manowar)
Clayton Henry (Archer and Armstrong, Harbinger, Harbinger Wars, and Ivar, Timewalker)
Lewis LaRosa (currently on Bloodshot Reborn)
Pere Perez (Archer and Armstrong, Ivar, Timewalker, Unity, and an upcoming top secret project)
Brian Reber (currently on Bloodshot Reborn and A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong)
Juan Jose Ryp (currently on Wraith of the Eternal Warror and formally on both Imperium and Ninjak)
Mico Suayan (Harbinger)

Look for more news about this announcement and much more after Valiant Entertainment’s C2E2 panel VALIANT: 4001 A.D. AND BEYOND this Saturday.

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