CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Directors On RDJ's MCU Future, SPIDER-MAN's Costume, More

"Captain America: Civil War" poster
Credit: Marvel Studios
Still from 'Captain America: Civil War'
Still from 'Captain America: Civil War'
Credit: Marvel Studios

One of the biggest headlines for Captain America: Civil War is the introduction of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe - an introduction that fans got at the end of the latest trailer for the film. Now, Civil War's directors the Russo brothers have shed some light on the costume seen in the trailer, and what fans can expect if they're lucky enough to land him for their next Marvel project, the two-part Avengers: Infinity War.

“The design of the costume is what it is,” Joe Russo told Forbes. “That’s the design that we love, it’s the design that Kevin Feige loves and so on. He’s a very popular character so it’s always going to be controversial, people are always going to love or hate what you do with him, but all we can do is make sure that we love it, that we are true to ourselves and true to how we feel about the character and then hope that everybody else digs it.”

“We like making strong choices with characters so while this might be a slightly more traditional, Steve Ditko influenced suit, it is certainly in our vocabulary to develop it into something more extreme as the storytelling requires,” he continued, explaining that Spidey’s look would likely evolve if he makes it into Infinity War. “I think there are things that people will discover when they see the film about why the suit operate the way it does, why the eyes move, all that stuff is substantiated. Everybody wants the answers yesterday but then what would be the point of seeing the movie?”

Many fans have speculated that Tony Stark's influence may have something to do with the way Spider-Man's costume operates, while also wondering where Stark will fit into the MCU after Civil War pits him against some of his closest allies. With Robert Downey, Jr. calling Captain America: Civil War his own "Iron Man 4", the question has also been raised as to what will happen if Downey inevitably vacates the role.

“It’s almost impossible to replace Robert, he’s the biggest movie star in the world,” said Joe Russo. “One close up from Robert is worth another actor’s entire performance, he’s incredibly gifted and insanely talented. I think if and when he is done with the character I think you will find that Iron Man might disappear for a while. I think the only way that you could reboot that character is to give a generational gap that would allow another actor to at least have a chance to redefine that character without the enormous spectre of Robert hanging over it. There are so many characters in the Marvel universe that can pick up the ball and run without it through the next phase or two before you need to see Iron Man again, frankly.”

Fans can rest easy that Downey still appears to be a big part of the MCU moving forward, with Civil War setting the stage for the next evolution of Marvel's movie universe. And, as is tradition since the first Iron Man, there will be some teases about what's to come after the film's credits roll. In fact, there may even be more than usual.

“We can’t say who is going to be in it but we can say that there certainly could be one, or two, maybe three,” said Joe Russo. “We can confirm that you should stay sat in your seats when the movie is done.”

As for whether the director pair will be involved in what lies ahead, Anthony Russo says that while they love working with Marvel, they still have their sights set on Infinity War.

“We pinch each other all the time because this is the most amazing position for us to be in as filmmakers because we have this incredible company behind us and we get to make movies on the grandest scale and it’s as creatively exciting as we’ve ever done. We’re in a wonderful place and we love these movies so we’ll just take it one step at a time. We have two Infinity War movies on our plate right now.”

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6.

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