"Lord of Gore" teaser by Dan Leister
Credit: Dan Leister (Devil's Due / 1First Comics)
Credit: Dan Leister (Devil's Due / 1First Comics)

Former Hack/Slash artist Dan Leister is returning to the horror genre with his new series Lord of Gore. Leister, along with wrtier D.B. Stanley, are working with Devil's Due / 1First Comics on this new series which delves into the idea that a popular slasher film franchise is secretly a true-life snuff film.

“There are so many clever layers to what D.B. and Daniel have cooked up that it really grabbed me,” said Devil’s Due / 1First Comics' Josh Blaylock. “There’s a classic slasher element, a murder mystery, and to top it off, this behind the scenes look of the horror film industry itself - the conventions, the politics - it’s just great.”

In the miniseries, a screenwriter is hired to write the latest installment of a horror film franchise called Lord of Gore, and discovers that one of the original film's iconic death scenes wasn't staged -- but actually happened. Shocked by what he discovers, he begins to look into the situation further when he's targeted by the real life serial killer that the film franchise is based on.

Devil's Due / 1First Comics plans to debut Lord of Gore in the fall.

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