Report: DC's LOBO Movie Hires WONDER WOMAN Writer

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: Simon Bisley (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs has been hired to write Warner Bros.'s Lobo movie, according to The Wrap. The Hollywood trade cites unnamed sources, who go on to say that Fuchs has been instructed to start from scratch and not adhere to previous screenplays developed for the character at the studio.

Warner Bros. has had a Lobo film in development since 2009, with Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie and San Andreas director Brad Peyton attached at various times. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson openly stated in 2012 that he was in talks to play Lobo, but in 2013 he revealed he had passed on the project in order to play Black Adam in Shazam.

Fuchs has become a frequent partner for Warner Bros., with his appareny hiring for Lobo being seen as a vote of confidence for his work on Wonder Woman. Fuchs is an actor-turned-writer, who after playing small roles in TV shows such as Sopranos segued into writing. In addition to 2017's Wonder Woman, Fuchs also wrote Ice Age: Continental Drift, Pan and the upcoming La La Land.

For Warner Bros.'s Lobo, it is unknown if Peyton is still attached as director. He is currently filming Incarnate, and has also signed on to direct the upcoming movie adaptation of the video game Rampage.

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