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Credit: Zach Howard

London Has Fallen's Gerard Butler is returning to his comic book adapting roots as he's signed on for Noble Transmission's adaptation of the creator-owned series Wild Blue Yonder. Butler will voice the jetpack fighter Scram in a unique digital app adaptation of Mike Raicht, Zach Howard and Austin Harrison's creator-owned series first published by IDW.

The Wild Blue Yonder app is done in conjunction with the tech giant Intel, as well as Butler's own production shingle G-BASE.

"Wild Blue Yonder is a truly original and distinctive property. When we first met the brilliant team at Noble Transmission we immediately felt like it was a fit for the G-BASE brand," added G-BASE Preisdent Alan Siegel. “It is an expansive world that we look forward to exploring more. We here at G-BASE were wowed by the Intel RealSense Technology and are thrilled to see Wild Blue Yonder come to life in such a dynamic way.”

Wild Blue Yonder explores a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has taken to the skies to escape nuclear devastation. Butler's character, Scram, is the leader of the Guns, a group of jetpack warriors who defend the solar-powered carrier known as the Dawn from an evil sky pirate called the Judge.

The Wild Blue Yonder app will also utilize Intel RealSense Technology, which incorporates a depth-sensing 3D camera to allow for head tracking, facial recognition and pulse detection technology. The app will also be available for Steam clients who do not own the 3D camera.

“Gerard Butler’s performance as Scram brings great energy to a project that strives to bring together the best in art and technology,” said Noble Transmission CEO and Wild Blue Yonder co-creator Austin Harrison in a statement. “This marriage is realized with Intel RealSense Technology. It creates an immersive experience; one that brings comic book content to life like never before.”

The Wild Blue Yonder app is currently scheduled for a spring/summer 2016 release on Steam, with more voice actors slated to be announced soon.

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