"Civil War II" teaser with Spider-Man
Credit: Phil Noto (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Phil Noto (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has released another Civil War II teaser, this time featuring Peter Parker's Spider-Man (via Nerdist). With a close-up of the wallcrawler drawn by Phil Noto and the now-familiar text of "Protect the Future. Change the Future." this new image doesn't reveal much besides the already implicit involvement of Spider-Man in the 2016 summer event.

However, given Peter Parker's origin and the murder of his Uncle Ben, you could see how the hero might edge towards Captain Marvel's side of preventing criminals from doing crime before the act. But then again, the events of "One More Day" might -- even unbeknownst to Parker today -- also impact his choices.

Check out the rest of the already released Civil War II posters here, and look for the Civil War II kick-off story in stores on Free Comic Book Day May 7.

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