DC's SUPER LEAGUE Crossover To Have 'Ramifications' & 'Revelations' For REBIRTH

DC Comics May 2016 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Peter Tomasi isn't saying much about Rebirth, but it seems evident that the writer's April/May "Super League" crossver ties into the summer event.

And the writer indicates there's an "organic" reason the pre-"New 52" Superman is involved in "Super-League."

Tomasi, who's been writing Superman/Wonder Woman since 2014, will now takeover Action Comics, Superman and Batman/Superman in April and May for an eight-part storyline titled "Super League."

The story involves Superman recruiting Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, and pre-New 52 Superman (who's been shown to be secretly living on "New 52" Earth with his wife and son since at least the beginning of the New 52 stories).

According to Tomasi, "Super League" will not only lead into June's much anticipated Rebirth event, but it will tie into what happens next for Superman himself, with ramifications "beyond" this summer.

So far, DC has not announced who is handling the Super-books in June and beyond, but Tomasi's discussions about his storyline spilling into June certainly hints at the creator's involvement. DC has announced that Superman #1 and Action Comics #957 will launch in June and will both ship twice monthly thereafter.

Credit: DC Comics

Superman's meeting with pre-"New 52" Superman in "Super League" matches with Dan Jurgens' statement to Newsarama that the characters he writes in Superman: Lois & Clark will have some type of involvement in Rebirth. Jurgens' titles details the lives of pre-New 52 Superman and his family within the "New 52" world.

There's no confirmation of whether the pre-"New 52" Superman survives into June after the beginning of Rebirth, but DC has announced that July will see the launch of The Super-Man #1, a comic that will also be shipping twice monthly. DC also promises a fall release of Supergirl #1, Superwoman #1, and Super Sons #1, which will then ship monthly.

With this week's release of Tomasi's Superman/Wonder Woman #27 helping to finish up the "Truth" storyline launched last June, Newsarama talked to the writer to find out how his "Super League" story helps bridge the DCU from "New 52" to Rebirth.

Newsarama: Peter, what was it like working on the "Truth" issues of Superman/Wonder Woman, and why do you think it worked to tear Superman down this way before building him back up in the last few issues?

Peter Tomasi: The approach to "Truth" and "Savage Dawn" was really, as you said, taking the character and throwing him in the blender, putting him through as much as we could possible put him through for those many months and just really strip him down and force him through some uncomfortable situations that we'd see him rise above and beyond.

It was a lot of fun and a lot of work, but working with a group of really great creators made it all the more worthwhile.

"Truth" and "Savage Dawn," and now leading up to Superman #51 and into May — it was a big master plan.

Coming out of the eight issues I do in April and May will then have ramifications into Rebirth and beyond that too.

You know what I say — it's like one of those "uber" stories, in a way. But it's not the kind of situation where you need to get to everything. But it's definitely something that's been planned out for quite a while.

We've got some really big revelations coming up.

Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: Last time you called something an uber-story, Pete, someone died. Last time it was Damian.

Tomasi: The good old "uber-story," right?

Nrama: Can you talk at all about" Super League?" From what you said earlier, it sounds like these tie into Rebirth? They're not just a stand-alone filler story until Rebirth starts?

Tomasi: No, when we get to Rebirth and beyond, it's all tied in together. These issues in April and May are just massive, epic, and are changing so much. April and May are not a closed-in story.

It blows out. It goes even further as we move through the course of the year.

I wish I could say more about "Super League." I don't want to pull any threads in our discussion, because I'm afraid it will unravel.

But I can say that we have some really big stuff planned for this story that haa massive ramifications moving into Rebirth.

Nrama: Well, readers know from solicitations that the title, "Super League," refers to Superman recruiting Batman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, and we've also been told that pre-"New 52" Superman will be involved. Are all these characters involved for a reason, as the DCU heads into Rebirth?

Credit: DC Comics

Tomasi: The best way to approach it is to say that everybody throughout these eight issues who will be on stage will have a real, organic reason as to why Superman is seeking them out, why they're part of the story, how they relate to the big, over-arcing themes and elements and plot of the story.

It's all tied in together in a real organic way that will have some major pay-off in May, and then, like I said, will spin into June with a hell of a lot of insanity and craziness.

Nrama: The way you're talking about a story that spins into June and beyond sound like you're still going to be working on the Super-characters into June. Can you confirm that?

Tomasi: We'll see. We'll see.

Nrama: Would you like to stay on the Super-books? Do you like Metropolis?

Tomasi: I do! I love being in Metropolis. And I've really enjoyed spending my time writing Superman and Wonder Woman and all the characters that I've been able to have in the mixture in the course of the "Truth" and "Savage Dawn" storylines, and now the upcoming "Super League" story.

Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: This week's issue of Superman/Wonder Woman doesn't really resolve the love relationship between these two characters. Where are Superman and Wonder Woman, in terms of their relationship, at this point? And will you resolve that in "Super League?"

Tomasi: The one thing I wanted to do through the course of "Truth" and "Savage Dawn" was show how their relationship just started to have threads pulled away as Superman went through the blender, so to speak. And it was unraveling a bit.

It was interesting for me to have that conflict going on, and see that people who love and care about each other can still have their problems. So we could explore how they were going to weather it, how they were going to deal with it, and how they would move on with it.

As we get to the end of Superman/Wonder Woman, we definitely put that relationship in a spotlight and answer the questions — in the April and May books too. We make sure the fans get a clear sense of where they've been, and where they are as they come out of the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully, people will have enjoyed the ride and like the outcome.

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