DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE Pushed Back, Series Conclusion May Cross REBIRTH Debut

DC Comics April 2016 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC's upcoming Rebirth is being framed as the beginning of a new era, but thanks to some delays it looks like the "New 52" flagship book Justice League might be running well into this new era.

Justice League #50 was originally solicited to come out April 20, but according to DC’s website it is now scheduled for May 25 - the same day as the Rebirth's kick-off - the DC Universe Rebirth 80-page one-shot.

The subsequent issue, Justice League #51, originally solicited for May 18 is now listed as coming out June 8 on DC's website; however the issue has been removed from the Diamond Comic Retailer's consumer and retailer system, though DC does not appear to have announced its cancellation to retailers. However, since DC's own website lists it for June, it may just be a case of the publisher planning on cancelling orders and resoliciting the issue for June later this month

Also unclear is if they'll be 52nd issue of the "New 52" era Justice League. The other original surviving "New 52" titles have all solicited a 52nd issue, but if a Justice League #52 is indeed coming, it could be shipping into late June or July - the same month as the planned Justice League Rebirth in July.

DC Comics declined to comment for this story.

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