CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Cast Do Fan Q&A After New Trailer Debut

New Captain America: Civil War Stills
Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

Much of the principal cast and directors of Captain America: Civil War took part in an on-line Q&A as part of BuzzFeed's Answertime coinciding with Thursday's release of the new trailer. Although all of the female cast members were conspiciously absent, interesting answers abounded from Chris Evans (Captain America), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) and directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

One of the re-curring questions from fans was how some of the prominent Marvel Studios characters not in Civil War would side if they were part of the film.

"[Thor and Loki] would be on Team Cap," said Stan. "Those guys could never handle rules."

As for the Hulk, Downey said "It's a foregone conclusion. Bruce and Tony are Science bros."

Evans agrees with Downey, but agrees with Stan that Chris Hemsworth's Thor would side with Team Cap.

"Can’t imagine Banner siding with Ross and the government," said Joe Russo, however. "Thor is more of a wildcard."

Young Avengers
Young Avengers

Jumping around, one fan asked if the Russos, who are directing the next two Avengers movies following this, would want to take a stab at bringing the Young Avengers to the big screen.

"Damn. That’s actually a really good idea…," said Joe Russo. "And you’re right [America Chavez] would kick ass!"

Although inspired by the original Civil War comic book series by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, the Russos say that the Civil War story is more inspired by the movies at this point than any specific comic book.

"Our goal here is to continue the story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has developed a specific story with specific characters," said the Russos, jointy. "The original book was dealing with a different story as well as many different characters, so the intersection between this movie and the inspiring comic isn’t as extensive as it was with Winter Soldier.  We do use the jumping off point of government control of superheroes and the division of  superheroes between sides lead by Captain America and Iron Man, but after that the movie is striking out into territory that is unique from the book."

That said, when asked what other Marvel characters they'd like to bring into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Joe Russo replied with a character previously publsihed, but not owned by Marvel.

Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

"Groo the Wanderer one of my favorite characters growing up," said Russo. "Maybe in Infinity War??"

However, in a question about which castmember they'd want to have with them if they were stuck in an elevator, Downey mentioned Giant-Man.

"Rudd is the only one who’d be willing to shape shift, get to the lobby as Ant-Man, grab sodas and chips, inflate to Giant-Man, pick up the entire building (including shaft), and bring the situation to an appropriate picnicking area."

Getting  alittle more serious, Downey said that if he had to choose, he'd like to see his character's final story end with a "[t]wisted fireball of glory".

One fan asked about the possibility of Bucky Barnes and Black Widow getting together like they've done in the comic books, with Stan pointing to co-director Anthony Russo, saying "ask this guy for BuckyNat."

Continuing on that idea of pairing up characters, the question arose of what Iron Man and Black Panther would call a bar they co-owned.

"On The House! or First Round," answered Boseman.

"I like the acronym 'IP,'" said Downey. "Could mean 'intellectual property.' More likely 'Iron Panther.'"

And finally, when asked to sum up Civil War in three words, the fictional catalyst for it all, Sebastian Stan, described it as "brutal mental annihilation."

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled for release May 6.

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