MAN OF BRONZE Prepares For Battle In DOC SAVAGE: SPIDER'S WEB #4 Preview

"Doc Savage: Spider's Web #4" preview

Doc Savage and his team prepare to go up against 1990s-style cyber terrorists in a preview of Wednesday's Doc Savage: The Spider's Web #4.

Doc Savage: The Spider’s Web #4
writer: Chris Roberson
artist: Cezar Razek
cover: Wilfredo Torres
incentive cover: Wilfredo Torres (B/W art)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
A new recruit joins the team in 1995, just in time to help Doc Savage and company contend with a group of cyber terrorists who threaten to destabilize the world economy, while in the modern day, the fallout of that case might be the missing piece in the puzzle that Doc is trying to solve.

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