DISNEY CHANNEL Actress Confirms Her Role in SPIDER-MAN Reboot

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Credit: Activision

Updated March 23, 2016: Zendaya confirmed her involvement in Sony and Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

"Yeah," she told Ellen Degeneres, "I can't say anything else other than I'm going to be in it." She was unable to confirm any details of her character, or even when the film would start shooting. You can see the whole interview right here:


Zendaya in 'Shake It Up!'
Zendaya in 'Shake It Up!'
Credit: Disney

Original Story: Actress/singer Zendaya has been cast in Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios' upcoming Spider-Man reboot, according to Deadline. The Hollywood trade said the young actress's character is named Michelle and is a "key role" in the ensemble film.


Although not specifically identified as such so far, the most prominent character named Michelle in recent Spider-Man stories has been Michelle Gonzalez, Peter Parker's former roommate. In one storyline, the Chameleon masqueraded as Parker and tricked Gonzalez into sleeping with him. Additionally, her brother, Vin Gonzales, was one of the police officers involved in the Spider Tracer Murders. 

The as-yet untitled Spider-Man film is scheduled for release July 7, 2017.

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