First Look: Death Defying Devil's Origin Montage

First Look: Death Defying Devil

art by Doug Klauba - not final

As with the Black Terror, whose origin montage appears in Project Superpowers: Chapter Two #0, Dynamite Entertainment has provided Newsarama with a first look at Doug Klauba’s painted origin montage for the Death Defying ‘Devil that will appear in July’s Project Superpowers: Chapter Two #1. As with the Black Terror, the art will have text boxes over it, describing the origin sequence. Note – the art is not final.

The solicitation for the issue reads (click here for the Ross and Segovia covers, the Jae Lee cover is at the left):



Art by EDGAR SALAZAR (main story) & DOUG KLAUBA (painted origin story)

Main covers by ALEX ROSS (50/50)

Chase covers by JAE LEE (1-in-5) & STEPHEN SEGOVIA (1-in-10)

Virgin art retailer incentive cover by ALEX ROSS

Black & white retailer incentive cover by STEPHEN SEGOVIA

Jae Lee variant cover

The next exciting chapter of Dynamite Entertainment’s PROJECT SUPERPOWERS is here! Overseen again by Ross, who plots and art directs the entire PROJECT SUPERPOWERS universe, writer Jim Krueger returns for Chapter Two, as the pair of all-star creators are joined for the series by Edgar (DEATH DEFYING ‘DEVIL) Salazar! The new series is faster, more intense, and the WORLD IS AT STAKE! This oversized, 48-page issue includes 22 pages of story and art, PLUS a new, 2-page painted origin of the ‘Devil, PLUS 8 pages of bonus materials, and it’s all for just for the regular price of only $2.99!

Featuring a “dynamite” pin up by Marvel exclusive artist Marko Djurdjevic and a 1-in-5 cover by Jae (Dark Avengers/X-Men Cover artist) Lee AS WELL AS a 1-in-10 chase cover by Wolverine: Origins and Wolverine: Dangerous Games artist Stephen Segovia! And, every issue from this 12 issue maxi series will feature a 1-in-5 variant cover by one of comic’s luminary artists starting with Jae (Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men) Lee on number one, with fiture covers by: Marc (X-Men/Dark Avengers) Silvestri, John (Astonishing X-Men) Cassaday, Joe (Superman/Batman/Soulfire) Benitez, Lee (The Stand) Bermejo, Michael (The Darkness) Broussard, Stjepan (Witchblade) Sejic, Kenneth (Top Cow/Marvel artist Punisher/Wolverine) Rocafort, Patrick (Avengers/Invaders) Berkenkotter, Jackson (Avengers/Invaders artist) Herbert, Mike (Black Terror) Lilly, Jae Lee and more!

48 pages FC - $2.99

Also Available: Blank cover edition with a hand-drawn sketch

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