ROB THOMAS The Singer To Appear On ROB THOMAS-Produced iZOMBIE

Still from 'Smooth' music video
Still from 'Smooth' music video
Credit: Rob Thomas/Santana

Rob Thomas, the singer who wondered what it's like to be a superhero in one of his songs with Matchbox Twenty, will likely come as close to that goal as he ever will when he appears on iZombie, the comic book-based TV show produced by his namesake, Rob Thomas.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Thomas (the singer) will reportedly play himself when Max Rager CEO Von Du Clark, played by Stephen Wright, hires him to write the energy drink's new jingle. While the jingle will debut in episode 17, Thomas won't appear onscreen til the show's season finale, which will air on April 12.

It's unclear how much of a role the producer and singer sharing a name played in Matchbox Twenty's Thomas landing the role.

iZombie airs Tuesday nights on CW.

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