Green Lantern Corps by Alex Ross
Credit: Alex Ross
'Justice League' concept art
'Justice League' concept art
Credit: DC Films

Don't expect Green Lantern on-screen any time soon -- not even in 2017's Justice League - Part 1. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Warner Bros. Pictures' Greg Silverman said that no Green Lantern would be appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League - Part 1 or any other film in the next three years -- perhaps not even the 2019's Justice League - Part 2.

Why? That first Green Lantern movie still stings for Warner Bros.

“[Green Lantern] is an incredible character. He’s actually multiple incredible characters,” said Silverman. “There’s real opportunity there. We didn’t do a great job on that first Green Lantern movie. This is a character who deserves to be treated in the same way that Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman are being treated now, which is with great reverence. I guess I can say to the Green Lantern fans: if they can be patient with us, I think they’ll be really happy.”

Of all the movies Warner Bros. has announced for its DC Films slate, 2020's Green Lantern Corps is the only film with no actors cast. Some fans presumed the Green Lantern -- or a Green Lantern -- would be factored into the two Justice League films, but Silverman said it's not currently on the drawing board.

“Every beat of the movie is not yet worked out. So there’s the possibility that he may or may not be in Justice League 2,” said Silverman. “For now, we felt that we were introducing enough characters that the best possible place we could put Green Lantern is some introduction in Justice League 2, or barring that, a movie after.”

The only two films scheduled after 2019's Justice League - Part 2 are April 3, 2020's Cyborg and then Green Lantern Corps itself on June 19, 2020.

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