As DC's REBIRTH Looms, Veteran Editor DAVID WOHL Joins To Assist In Transition

DC Rebirth
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DC Comics is going through some major changes with this summer’s Rebirth, and to help in that transition is David Wohl. Formerly the Managing Editor of Marvel and Editor-In-Chief/President of Top Cow, Wohl tells Newsarama he's been hired by DC as an Editorial Consultant, assisting on various titles leading into the change-over from “New 52” to Rebirth, as well as on some Rebirth titles itself. The Queens native is equally known to comic book readers for his writing work – including co-creating Top Cow’s Witchblade, The Darkness and Aphrodite IX.

“I’m kind of a floating editor,” Wohl said of his DC role. “Nearly a group editor in a way, but I’m a group of one. At first it was to help where needed, but then once I proved my mettle, I started receiving projects that everyone wanted to move forward but the current Group Editors’ workloads were too heavy.”

Credit: DC Comics

Wohl’s first official work with the company was on January’s Catwoman #48, but in addition to that title he taken on editing Batman/Superman and Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harleys. He's already gone about enlisting Dan Panosian, Steve Pugh and others to work on the final issues of those titles (or those volumes at least) before June’s Rebirth.

“And I just received a couple more series that were mid run that I'm not sure I can talk about yet.”

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Wohl describes his role as reporting directly to DC’s Editor-In-Chief Bob Harras, who he worked with in the early 1990s while at Marvel. Wohl compares his DC role to the one Marie Javins, another Marvel alum, held during 2015’s Convergence event, although different in scope.

Javin's key role when joining DC was to oversee the 2015 Convergence event and its titles in order to give a head start for the editorial teams (and creators) of the ongoing books when they returned from that summer hiatus. After the conclusion of Convergence, Javins continued on as editor on books such as All-Star Section Eight, Telos and Prez.

Wohl is balancing his responsibilities while working on other projects – both in and out of comic books. He is writing the new Aspen Comics’ series Santeria: The Goddess Kiss which debuts on March 16, as well as acting as a producer on the upcoming Ratchet & Clank animated feature film.

Wohl reports he will be one of several people from DC on-hand later this month at WonderCon, acting as both a representative of DC as well as his other endeavors.

“WonderCon will be interesting this year,” said Wohl. “I'll be promoting the launch of Santeria, as well as appearing on a panel for Ratchet & Clank with some of the film’s stars. And of course I will be there for DC, talking to the people I work with and also potentially looking for new creators as well.”

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