LEN WEIN Aims To Bring Back More DC Supernatural Characters With SWAMP THING

Swamp Thing #1
Credit: DC Comics

This week's DC All Access shines a spotlight on veteran creator Len Wein and his recent return to Swamp Thing, a character he created with Bernie Wrightson in the '70's.  

Here's an exclusive clip in which Wein talks about his working relationship with artist Kelly Jones, whom he compares to Wrightson.

"I'm trying to bring back the book I wrote way back during the dinosaur age, but in a contemporary way, without losing what made it unique," Wein explained. "Swamp Thing has gone through so many iterations over the years. Every writer has his own take on the character, and I wanted to go back, like I said, and do my Swamp Thing."

Wein also revealed that his goal for the series is to reintroduce some of the other supernatural characters of the DC Universe, something the mini-series' next four issues will explore.

Check out the whole interview here:

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