Solve The WAYNE Family Murders In New BATMAN v SUPERMAN Tie-In

Murder of the Wayne family
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: Amazon

Bruce Wayne spent years trying to solve his parents' murder. Now, anyone who owns an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Fire TV with Echo integration can help crack the case, according to Variety.

Amazon has debuted a "choose-your-own-adventure" style game entitled The Wayne Investigation that uses the Echo's "personal assistant" Alexa to guide players through a murder mystery. Games reportedly last 5-40 minutes, and allow users to make up to 37 decisions to determine the game's outcome. 

“We’re thrilled to work with Warner Brothers and DC Comics to bring The Wayne Investigation to our Alexa-enabled devices,” said  said Rob Pulciani, Director of Alexa. “This is the first Alexa skill to use a combination of produced audio assets and Alexa technology.”

The game was created in partnership with Warner Bros. to promote Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which hits theaters March 25.

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