First Look: Quesada's Amazing Spider-Man #594 Cover

Peek: Amazing Spider-Man #594 Cover

Amazing Spider-Man #594

Spider-Man’s been running at full tilt lately – his own personal protest against J. Jonah Jameson being elected as New York City’s Mayor.

Later this month, the “Spider-Man 24/7” arc will end, and we’ve got your first look at the Joe Quesada’s cover to Amazing Spider-Man #594, the story’s conclusion.

The solicitation for the story – written by Mark Waid, with art by Mike McKone reads:

"24/7" Finale!

Hunted as never before by a newly empowered J. Jonah Jameson--and you won't believe JJJ's new base of operations!-- Spider-Man can't find peace privately or in public! It's time Spidey faced up to the truth behind his 24/7 mission--before it kills him!

Rated A …$2.99

Amazing Spider-Man #594 is due in stores on May 20th.

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