Top DC Editor Leaves For DYNAMITE

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Credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

Long-time DC Comics editor Matt Idelson has left the company to return to New York City as part of Dynamite Entertainment's recently opened New York City Offices. As DC's Group Editor (and former Senior Editor), Idelson shephered titles such as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman Unchained and The New 52: Future's End.  Idelson joins Dynamite as a Senior Editor, alongside Joseph Rybandt.

"When you work at one of the busiest and competitive publishing houses in comics, you're required to manage a very diverse group of creative talent, fulfill the editorial vision of an influential rights holder, and generally roll up your sleeves to tackle whatever other responsibilities come at you. Matt Idelson thrived in such an environment at DC Comics, gaining a tremendous amount of experience and establishing a well-regarded reputation among creators," sayid Dynamite Publisher/CEO Nick Barrucci. "We're thrilled to welcome Matt to our fast-paced environment, and can't wait to see what magic he brings to our team and broad line of comic books."

Idelson started in the industry as an intern for Marvel in 1993, working his way up to full Editor status, overseeing such titles as Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness's celebrated Deadpool run. In 1999, he moved to DC and was promoted to Senior Editor in 2004 and then Group Editor in 2009.

"I'm thrilled to get the opportunity to not just continue working in comics, but do so with a company that's constantly looking for new ways to tell new stories and reach new audiences," said Idelson. "Between the diverse array of characters that Dynamite has and the golden age of creative talent we're in, the possibilities are incredibly exciting. The sky's the limit!"

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