New SUPERGIRL Clip - They Gotta Be Talking About LOBO, Right?

Still from "Supergirl"
Credit: CBS

In this new clip from CBS's Supergirl, Hank Henshaw and Alex Danvers speculate about the identity of the Master Jailer, making reference to an "intergalactic bounty hunter" before quickly dismissing the idea.

Have a look:

Judging by the fear in their voices and the fearsome reputation the bounty hunter they're referring to seems to command, the first one from DC that comes to mind is Lobo.

Credit: George Perez (DC Comics)

Lobo and Supergirl have teamed up several times in comic books, with Kara even sharing a kiss with the "New 52" version of the Main Man. Could the Last Czarnian ride into National City at some point? Or would he be too hot for TV?

Supergirl airs Monday nights on CBS.

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