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DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns told fans that the first issue of Rebirth begins with a mysterious narrator saying, "I love this world, but there's something missing…”

That implies that Rebirth is "righting" some "wrongs" done by the "New 52" relaunch -- maintaining those ideas from the current DCU that work, but also returning some "missing" characters and concepts to the DC timeline.

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That's got us thinking -- what's more "missing" than the original Wally West?

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OK, OK, we know there's already a Wally West in the new DCU, that he's already being mentored by Barry Allen. We also know there are indications he'll be the Flash someday.

But there's still quite a contingent of fans who miss the Wally who had a past with the Teen Titans -- the one who fought alongside Dick Grayson and the gang, coming up through the ranks as Barry's original Kid Flash and serving as this Flash for an entire generation of DC readers.

Could Rebirth have room for that version of Wally West?

Maybe not. But we can't help noticing that DC's Rebirth announcement has an interesting pair of similar titles -- two new "Titans" books. And although it might be a bit of a stretch, the duplicate titles have us thinking -- could one of the new Titans books be a classic line-up, complete with a redheaded Wally West?

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OK, we admit it's not a new concept to have two groups of "Titans" in the DCU -- after all, there are two such books right now, with Teen Titans and Titans Hunt.

But Titans Hunt is truly a classic line-up, with the familiar Titans character of the past -- including Dick, Roy, Gnarrk, Donna, Mal and Lillith -- realizing they have a hidden past together, a past in which they were together as the Teen Titans.

As Dan Abnett explained to Newsarama when the first issue debuted, Titans Hunt is DC's attempt to take a "very, very beloved chunk of DC continuity -- the Teen Titans continuity -- and actually establish it firmly in the main universe."

That description sounds like it fits right into the concept for Rebirth, which Johns has described as "taking all the elements of the past that were so great, that were discarded, and bringing them into the present," and then combining them with current concept as they move "into the future."

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Johns has also been emphasizing the return to "legacy" characters, referring to superheroes who inherit their titles from older characters or previous versions of those characters -- a depth and age that the DCU once enjoyed more than any other superhero universe. That legacy has been mostly lost with the "New 52," but Titans Hunt suggests it's returning, as does the description of Rebirth.

If we follow that line of thinking - that the idea of legacy and that elements from the past will be part of the post-Rebirth DCU -- then it makes sense that there's a possibility for characters from the past to be part of the present.

If one of the new Titans books this summer is a classic line-up, and if Rebirth is truly embracing the concepts of the past (and even pre-Flashpoint concepts), then the classic Titans book has got to have Wally, doesn't it? Why do Rebirth if DC isn't going to throw fans that bone that has come to somewhat symbolize what was lost in the "New 52"? Donna Troy somewhat co-chaired that honorary position until her recent return. Can Wally be the left behind.

The more that we think about it, the more we've convinced ourselves.

Check back on Newsarama later today for more ideas about the future of the Rebirth DCU.

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