"Tales from the Darkside" image by Gabriel Rodriguez
Credit: Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW Publishing)
Credit: Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW Publishing)

Locke & Key co-creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez are reuniting to revive the horror TV series Tales from the Darkside as an all-new comic book series, according to USAToday. Another frequent collaborator of Hill's, Charles P. Wilson III, will be contributing variant covers.

The Tales from the Darkside television series was originally created by George A. Romero, and Rodgriguez said this new series will be a "heartfelt tribute" to Romero, as well as Alan Moore, Bernie Wrightson, Neil Gaiman and "everyone that back then took our hands to lead us into an inwards journey to the human heart, through parallel dimensions' gates into impossible new worlds."

"I was the little boy with the voodoo doll," Hill points out. "Tales from the Darkside was a direct descendant of that film, and a lot of Creepshow alumni worked on it: George, my dad, Tom Savini, etc. So for me, working on a reboot was a way to reflect on this weird childhood experience that made a deep impression on my imagination."

Interesting, Joe Hill played a small on-screen role in a similiar tv series -- Creepshow -- which was produced by his father, Stephen King, and George A Romero.

Hill and Rodriguez's new Tales from the Darkside series will homage the original television series deeply -- so deeply in fact that the show exists within the continuity of the book.

"My new version of Darkside was a little meta. It takes place in a world where the original Tales from the Darkside can be found on late night cable, just like in our world," said Hill. "In my three-season blueprint, that actually turns out to matter somewhat."

Tales from the Darkside is scheduled to launch in June from IDW Publishing.

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