DC's REBIRTH First Impressions - The Most Important Takeaways

DC Rebirth
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics is releasing a slew of new #1 issues in June, July and into the fall, and its main DC Universe line of comic books is shipping twice a month, at the price of $2.99 an issue.

DC's description of the event and line-wide relaunch was something Newsarama predicted earlier this month — a return of the characters to their core under the direction of DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns — in a way that readers have seen from the writer before.

Kicking off with a series of "Rebirth Specials" then spilling into the new #1 issues and new series, the relaunch appears to be returning some of the characters to a status similar to their pre-"New 52" concepts, while also introducing new ideas.

Two comic series will return to their original, pre-Flashpoint numbering: Action Comics #957 and Detective Comics #954.

Although creative teams and descriptions haven't been announced, there are plenty of clues in the titles of the comic books, including:

- There are lots of "Supers" in the new line — Super Sons, The Super-Man, Superwoman, Supergirl, and Action Comics.

The previous absence of a Supergirl title despite the success of the character's hit TV show was something Newsarama and others had been questioning for a while now. Her addition will come after her apparently central role in the April-May Superman crossover "Super League" by writer Peter Tomasi. The book is listed as a fall release, which would roughly coincide with the second season of CBS's Supergirl.

And with the plural on "sons," and the multiple super "men," it's probable that, despite the new #1 issues, the pre-New 52 Superman is sticking around — and we're guessing that DC is also keeping around his potentially super-son Jon. (Newsarama readers will remember that we already got verification from Superman: Lois & Clark writer Dan Jurgens that pre-Flashpoint Superman would be affected by Rebirth.)

- Dick Grayson is back as Nightwing and Batgirl is apparently back in the Birds of Prey. (The May issue, the last before Rebirth begins, had already teased that the character may be leaving the Burnside setting that has defined her current run.)

- Blue Beetle's back in a solo title. We're guessing that DC wouldn't return fully to a Ted Kord Blue Beetle, since Jaime Reyes has won mainstream acclaim (and is one of DC's more popular Hispanic characters). However, with Johns' stated emphasis on legacy, there's always a possibility that both characters will appear in the title.

- There are also two Titans teams, and other teams were teased in images shown by DC during their teasers, including the Justice Society of America and Legion of Super-Heroes. With Johns' emphasis on "legacy," readers should expect to see some references to older heroes (perhaps from other earths, similar to the pre-New 52 Superman?).

- It's worth mentioning here that readers also got verification earlier today of Tom King's importance to the Rebirth aftermath, when his exclusive contract was announced, something the writer teased here on Newsarama in January:

"We have such huge plans for the DCU and what's coming in the next few months, in terms of how the whole universe interacts," King said. "I've been on the phone with Scott [Snyder] and Geoff Johns, and we're trying to make a huge story that the fans will dig, and these events are sort of leading up to that story."

"I like to think of it as almost those awesome events that happened before the weekly 52 launch? Like those kind of things? Like, that's how I feel. There's something big coming, and you're just starting to hear the drumbeats."W

Which title(s) will Tom King be a part of? Given his msention of Snyder, who in recent memory has solely been dedicated to Batman, the former CIA staffer could be headed for Gotham.

- As "New 52" gives way for the 32 titles of "Rebirth" (so far), there are a number of titles that didn't seem to make the transition from whats on bookshelves now versus DC in the fall. Eleven currently ongoing titles don't appear to have a corresponding new title among the "Rebirth" announcements, and those are: Black Canary, Doctor Fate, Justice League 3001, Midnighter, Martian Manhunter, Secret Six, Harley's Little BLack Book, Catwoman, Robin: Son of Batman, We Are Robin and Sinestro.

Some current titles seem to have logical connections, such as Titans Hunt for Titans, Superman: Lois & Clark and Super-Sons seems like a match, and the two team-up books Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman are most likely merging, at least conceptually, to become Trinity.

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