DC Rolls Back The NEW 52 With REBIRTH

DC Rebirth
Credit: DC Comics

DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns unveiled the publisher's upcoming "Rebirth" event at ComicsPRO's annual meeting in Portland, Oregon today via this video address.

A full line-up of the titles in DC's "Rebirth" event/initiative can be seen here.

"The whole point of 'Rebirth,' for all of us, is to get back to the essence of the characters," Johns said. "In the DC Universe: Rebirth special, the very first couple lines in it sum up what this is to me. There's a picture of the world, and the mysterious narrator says, 'I love this world, but there's something missing.'"

As expected, DC's "Rebirth" takes cues from Johns' previous miniseries Flash: Rebirth and Green Lantern: Rebirth, but applied to the entirety of the DCU.

Scheduled for release May 25, DC Universe: Rebirth #1 will by written by Johns and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Phil Jimenez.

Johns will also be working directly with the creative teams of every book DC is publishing for "Rebirth."

"We've been working for months and months and months with all the creative teams, and editorial, and Dan [DiDio] and Jim [Lee], and I'm sitting there with every single team and really zeroing in on Aquaman, or Birds of Prey, or Justice Society of America and saying 'Let's look at this and find out what we love about it. What didn't we love about it? What do we love about it?' and really take all of that and build a better book, build a better universe."

With this additional workload, Johns is stepping down from writing Justice League after April #50.

"[T]o really give everything I can to 'Rebirth,' Justice League #50 will be my last issue of Justice League -- I'll be stepping off the book with Jason Fabok," Johns told CBR. "But by doing that, leaving the book on what Jay and I think is a high for us with the end of "Darkseid War,"  it’s given me the time to work on 'Rebirth.'"

Johns doesn't disclose who will be writing the Justice League #51, which is solicited for May.

As part of this 'Rebirth,' all of DC's titles after May 24's DC Universe: Rebirth will be relaunched with new #1 issues. The two exceptions are Action Comics and Detective Comics, which will revert back to their historical number of #957 and #934, respectively.


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