Could FALCON Fly Solo? MACKIE Isn't Sure

Still from 'Ant-Man'
Still from 'Ant-Man'
Credit: Marvel
Anthony Mackie as The Falcon
Anthony Mackie as The Falcon
Credit: Marvel Studios

Anthony Mackie's Falcon has become a big part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since his debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, becoming an Avenger and playing a major role in Captain America: Civil War. So could Falcon fly solo and headline his own film? Not likely, says Mackie.

"No, I don’t know man," Mackie told IGN on the set of his upcoming film Triple 9. "I don’t know. I like going to work with good people. Like shooting this movie [Triple 9] it wasn’t really work. We got to hang out and have a good time and really get to know each other. I’ve admired Aaron Paul’s work long before Breaking Bad. I’ve admired Chiwetel [Ejiofor]'s work. Kate [Winslet] is admirable. So to be able to go to work and meet these people and see the way they work and kind of delve into their process as well is really a learning experience for me. So I feel like when you go to work and it’s just you and it’s me - ‘Look at me, haha’ - it takes away from that."

Mackie didn't definitively rule out the possibility, but still cited the need to work with co-stars Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan as a reason he might turn down such an opportunity, saying "I don’t know, I don’t know. That means my dudes are not going to be there. So Chris [Evans] is not going to be there. Sebastian [Stan] is not going to be there."

Mackie also balked at the possibility of some of his co-stars making a cameo in a potential Falcon film.

"No, no. Then that week is going to be hell. Hanging out with Chris for a week and then he’s like ‘I don’t want to leave!’ And I’m like ‘Chris dude, you gotta leave.’ You know, it’s just going to be a problem."

Still, that doesn't necessarily rule out Mackie taking on a starring role. If the movie version of Sam Wilson follows his comic book trajectory, he could conceivably take up the shield and replace Steve Rogers as Captain America - in which case he'd likely still be able to work with Evans and Stan.

Mackie next appears as Falcon in Captain America: Civil War, in theaters May 6.

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