DEADPOOL Artist Asks For Help After Fire Damages Family's Apartment

"Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet" cover by Reilly Brown
Credit: Reilly Brown
Credit: Reilly Brown

Reilly Brown is asking comic book readers for help after a neighborhood fire damaged his family's Hoboken, New Jersey apartment. The longtime Deadpool artist isn't asking for donations, but rather encouraging those who would like to help by buying original art or commissioning him at upcoming conventions. 

"On Saturday night in Hoboken, a fire started a few buildings down the street from us, and quickly spread," Brown said on Tumblr. "My wife Shawna and I grabbed the baby and got out of the house, and watched from across the street as the fire moved from one building to the next, and came roaring out of the windows of the apartment directly next to ours. When smoke started coming from the roof of our building, we left for my grandmother’s house in Montclair. Thankfully, all the inhabitants of the buildings effected by the fire are safe and accounted for."

Credit: Reilly Brown

Although the Hoboken Fire Department sucessfuly extinguished the fire before it reached the Brown family's apartment, extensive smoke and water damage to their home and belongings -- leading to extensive bills for cleaning, replacing certain items, and moving expenses.

This unfortunate turn of events comes days after two major events for Brown -- the birth of his son on Sunday, and the debut of Bob, Agent of Hydra, which Brown co-created, in the Deadpool movie.

"Honestly, when I saw the fire burning only feet away from our own apartment, I’d written the whole place off, so anything that we can recover I count as a blessing," said Brown. "Shawna and Will are safe, and that’s the most important thing."

Brown says insurance will cover some of the expenses, but the artist is also open to help from fans.

"I’m confident that we’ll figure something out one way or the other, but for the people who have asked how they can help, I’ll humbly direct you toward my art dealer’s site – a few extra sales there could go a long way," said Brown. "Also, I have a number of comic conventions and appearances coming up this year, and if you have a mind to get a commission from me, contact me through my website,, with the name of the convention and the word 'commission' in the subject line and I’ll put you on a reserved commission list."

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