FIALKOV Signs Creator-Owned Exclusive Deal With ONI PRESS

Oni Press March 2016 cover
Credit: Oni Press
Credit: Oni Press

Joshua Hale Fialkov has signed a deal with Oni Press to be the exclusive publisher of his creator-owned work. The exact terms and tenure of the deal are unknown, but this comes as Fialkov prepares this third creator-owned series with the publisher while balancing work-for-hire comic book and television work elsewhere. Although the number of publishers doing creator-owned work grows every year -- with Fialkov having worked with several of them, the writer says he has a couple key reasons why he made the deal with Oni.

"The primary one, the thing that means the most to me about being published there at all, is that their logo, when it’s on the side of a book means in no uncertain terms, quality. They’ve curated their line for the 20-plus years they’ve been publishing," Fialkov told The Hollywood Reporter. "When I was first getting back into reading comics, the one constant was that Oni books were always awesome. Queen and Country, Blue Monday, Love Fights, the Kevin Smith books, Scott Pilgrim and on and on."

Fialkov has done work for several publishers in the past that have done creator-owned work including Image Comics, Dark Horse, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Black Mask Studios and even Amazon's new Jet City imprint, but say Oni Press trumps them all.

Credit: Oni Press

"Nobody is as precise and as passionate about the books they publish. Nowhere I’ve worked gives the type of TLC, and singular devotion," said Fialkov. "And, they’re there when I need them. No phone call goes unanswered, no task unfulfilled. We talk regularly about the books, the marketing, and the business plan. That’s something that just doesn’t happen other places."

Fialkov currently has two creator-owned series at Oni -- The Bunker with Joe Infurnari and Exodus: The Life After with Gabo -- and has plans for a third, Jeff Steinberg: Champion of Earth co-written and drawn by Tony Fleecs.

Fialkov's exclusive deal for creator-owned work isn't a first, as creators such as Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, Kyle Baker and and the late Drew Hayes have signed similiar deals. Like those, Fialkov will continue to be able to do non-creator-owned work-for-hire work elsewhere. Fialkov is working on Godzilla for IDW and a Fathom/Soulfire crossover at Aspen Comics, as well as being a writer for the television series Chicago Med.

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